Calvin Bruhns

My personality

My Influence

My personality influences the class with cooperation, leadership, hard work, and success. In groups, I work with my partners to get through the obstacle and finish the problem the way it is supposed to be done.


The wolf is energetic, cooperative, leading, hard-working, and competitive. The wolf spends his life living with his pack, and each wolf contributes to the pack's greater good. When the pack leader seems unfit to lead, a challenging wolf will fight him to gain leadership of the pack.

Wolf hunting elk - Yellowstone - BBC

5 Strengths Of Mine

1. I have an appealing personality

2. I am very curious.

3. I thrive on compliments.

4. I volunteer for jobs.

5. I like spontaneous activities.

My Hobbies and Careers

My hobbies include football, snowboarding, biking, swimming, a basketball. The 5 careers that interested me are medical fields, team sports, soldier, outdoor activities, and law enforcement.