Forensic Engineer

By Sam Luebbert

What do they do?

When the roller coaster in your local amusement park malfunctions and causes injury or death to people, forensic engineers will be there to figure out what went wrong.

Job Discription

A Forensic Engineer is someone who uses engineering mythology to help solve a case when mechanical or electrical components are the root of the accident. Whether it is figuring out if the machine was not properly maintained or if something went wrong with the setup, they will figure it out to help solve a case.
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Working Conditions

A forensics Engineer works regular business hours and in some cases will have to go to a crime scene in the evening or later hours. They work in Laboratories and offices but also spend a lot of time at the scene of the crime. It is a very stressful career but has many positive outcomes.
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Training and Education Requirements

To become a Forensics Engineer you must have a Bachelors of science, Majoring in Chemistry, Biochemistry, biotechnology or molecular biology. With a Major in Forensics science.

Earnings and outlook

The average earning for a Forensic engineer is roughly about 40-80K.