By: Zac Byrd

This is a website where you can buy all you gear for soccer. Like cleats, shin guards, socks, or even spikes if you want to change the color of your spikes or you just want to change the color. They also have running shoes, jackets, bags , and a lot of different types of soccer balls. If you ever need any thing for soccer this is the website to go to.

These cleats below are the newest ones that have come out and they are already on sell for only $139.99.

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Nike Mercurial Vapor X CR7

You can customize these cleats to say your name and your jersey number, you also can pick what color you want your name and number in. These cleats can be considered better for certain field conditions, but these are mostly designed for just turf fields.

Turf Cleats

These are cleats specially designed for turf fields so that you don't slide around as much as you would with normal soccer cleats.