Thursday's Thoughts

January 4, 2018

Important Dates and Information:

January 10th: Charlotte's Web presented by The Greenville Little Theatre, 9:00 & 1:15

January 12th: House Meetings at 1:30 (Weather Permitting)

Amistad- Track, Fidelis-Black top, Isibindi-Reading Garden, Reveur-Cafeteria

January 15th: Holiday

January 16th: Work day in your room! :-) Also, the pastor and staff at the Wesleyn Church will be coming around with a snack cart and school supplies for you. The pastor, Kehl, is so kind and wants to love on our school. He will be around with some members of his staff around 10:00.

January 19th: SLO meetings during planning. We will meet in my office. Have your SLO form filled out on your targeted group.

January 19th: F & P levels due. Update your class levels on the data wall.

January 22nd: End of 2nd nine weeks

January 25th: Grades need to be entered by 9:00

January 25th: Open House 5:30-6:45

January 26th: 2nd nine weeks house winner party at 1:30

January 29th: Report cards go home


With the cold weather and lots of coats in classrooms, the potential for the spreading of lice grows. Please make sure coats are kept separated in cubbies. We will place lice spray in your boxes soon. Please spray rugs, couches, or any other areas in your classroom that need it in order to help prevent the spread of lice. Also, please continue to wipe down your desks with Clorox wipes daily in order to help children stay healthy and leave your classroom doors open in the afternoons when you leave to air out your rooms.

Open House

We wil host an Open House May 25th. Please think about all that you need to share with parents. This is a critical time of the year with preparing for testing, working to grow reading levels, and completing grade level standards. I am focusing on attendance, being on time, reading, and completing homework with weekly parent calls. Let's use this time to try to encourage our parents to help their children be successful at school.

Materials purchased with Title One Funds

Please mark all materials purchased wtih Title One Funds with "Title One 2017-2018." You can print labels and attach them to these materials to make this easy.


I hope you have been thinking of your word for 2018. Your word should be a word that you will use as a guide both at work, at home, and really in all areas of your life. We are going to display our words, so try to nail down your word within the next two weeks. If you already know your word, please send it to me as soon as possible.

New Year

We did not have our Happy New Year Party this year because of our masquerade ball. I don't want us to skip over talking with our students about goals for 2018. Please spend time talking with your classes about goal setting for the new year.

Colt's Customs

We are going to focus on our Colt's Customs for the remainder of the year by praticing two customs for two weeks at a time. The first two customs are #6 and #9. We will discuss this at our house meetings next week.

Targeted Group

Keep keeping on with your small groups! We will meet January 19th to discuss progress. Be intentional and consistent in using The Next Steps in Guided Reading and meet with your group every single day. I truly believe we are going to make phenomenal progress with our students by May.

Happy Friday!