Noah Eberhardt Aug, 24 2012


The story Two Kinds takes place in San Fransico, CA in a Chinatown, It is well known in San Fransico.
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Jing-mie And her mom share a strong bond thoughout the story. They had a lot of bad times aswell as good times. At the end they understand one another.


The them of the story is that in life you always dont get what you want. One example is when Jing-mie mom tried to push her daughter to be a T.V star but her daughter was not cut outfor it. The most of story had to do about not always getting what you want. Also the story has to do about Relationship and when their good times and bad times.  
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In the start of the story Jing-mie mom wants her to be a prodigy. The rising action would be when Jing-mie mom pay for the lessons and she starts going to it. The climax is when she dose her performance and her big fight with her mom. Last is when the fight cools down. When it was Jing-mie Birthday she said in her mind that she was sorry.

Internal Confilct

In Jing-mie mind the was thinking that her mom never listion to her. She want her mom to understand that she like the way she is now dont change me. In the mom mind she thinking that i want the best for my daughter and that if she gives it her all then the mom will be proud.  
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External Conflict

Jing-mie told her mom that she dose not want to be change and that she did not want to do a porformance.In the big fight she told the mom that I wish you were not my mom. she just does not want to be change. Her mom wants her to do lesson so she can be good at it. Then she said she need to do her performance. In the fight when she said I wish you were not my mom she felt really bad and did not ask her to play any more.
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The bigest symbol is the piano it means that all the bad times we had was because of this. A couple years later on Jing-mie birthday she got the piano. 
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There relationship or bond is not strong they do not understand one another. For example when Jing-mie gets in a fight with her mom in most relationship there will be fight but most do not go as far Jing-mie when she said I hate you. She really did not mean that but they just dont understand each other.   


When Jing-mie looks in the mirror she see what her mother wants her to be and what she wants to be. this is why the book is called 2 kinds. It show that they both have differnt viwes. Also at the end of the story she play the piano and she found of that they are both the same.

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The mother  does not want her daughter to live the same way she did how she lost most of her family and she had to move. She wants Jing-mei to be the best and become a prodigy so she can live up and be sussceful. She was thinking  in a couple of year Jing-mei will be thanking her.