Benjamin Austin Collins

Teacher's Assistant

Personal Statement

My teachers call me "Mr. talk a lot" but in reality I am a good communicator with teachers and students. When it comes to a speech or a talk in front of a crowd, I am great at talking without getting nervous. I am also very trust worthy, At my elementary school, I was the treasurer and had to count all of the school's money. My teachers trusted me to be accurate and honest. Since they knew that I was honest, they would always count on me to give them the truth about any situation. They counted on me to always tell the truth and never lie. As Abraham Lincoln said "Honesty and integrity are absolutely essential for success in life -- all areas of life. The really good news is that anyone can develop both honesty and integrity". I feel like this quote describes me very well, and I feel like I have both honesty and integrity. I am also very intelligent and responsible with my grades. As a sixth grader I was promoted into the A club for receiving all A's the entire year.

With my honesty, integrity, and intelligence I feel that I would be a great teachers assistant.

Life Quote



To get a great job that will get a great salary and something that I would enjoy


Byrd Middle School

2011 - Present

Pinchbeck Elementary School



· Honor Roll Student


Tuckahoe Little League Baseball Umpire

· 9 year old youth

Mowing and weed eating

Shovel driveways during the winter

A Club Member, all three years

Wrestling team, 132 weight class 8th grade year

Baseball team, 1st base and pitcher, Captain 8th grade year

SCA Treasurer, Pinchbeck Elementary


- Microsoft Word

- Microsoft Publisher

- Microsoft Power Point


- Read Emotions

- Talk Through Feelings

- Comfort Others

- Disect Problems

- Turn Negative To Positive

- Google Docs



- great since of humor

- Leadership skills

- Inclusive

Work Experience Journal

1/10/2014- I began writing my personal statement on a new website called S'More. This website was very helpful. It helped me keep all of my stuff organised and in groups. I got lots of work done on my personal statement.

1/15/2014- I worked hard on writing my personal statement and have almost finished my s'more.

1/17/14- I did the finishing touches to my s'more page and organised it. Mrs. Jones helped me get it looking good and i feel great about it.

2/3/14- A lady from capitol one came in and helped us with interviewing. She also gave us a fake lecture and told us what we need work on. We also worked on our handshakes.

2/19/14- Filled in our s'mores account. We learned how to use the printer, and went through the teachers room. We learned how to use the colored paper. We also learned how to make copies of papers.

2/21/14- I went to my job for the first time and she wanted me to make up work sheets for her classes. She told me to print them for her and I went to the teachers room and printed them.

2/26/14- I worked for Mrs. Napoli today, she told me to make her some new blue sheets for her and went to the printer to print them for her. I also helped Terrae with Mrs. Mistrs work and printed 400 copies for him.

2/28/14- Today Mrs Napoli had a sub for her class so she told me to read my book and finish my homework. I got my homework done for the next day.

3/5/14- Today Mrs Napoli gave me a roots sheet and told me to make her flash cards to staple on her board for her. I made 4 cards and printed them. I also went to the office and laminated them.

3/7/14- In Mrs Napoli's class i went to the library and printed a bunch of copies of paper for her. She did not have much for me to work on so I just did some homework the rest of the day.

3/12/14- In Mrs. Napolis class i made more prefix cards. She told me to print them so i went to the teachers lounge and printed them. She also told me to laminate them and cut them all out. She wanted me to also staple them to the bulletin board.

3/14/14- Mrs. Napoli had a substitute today so i didn't have anything to work on. So I finished my homework for math class and read for the rest of the block.

3/19/14- Mrs. Napoli made me make more prefix cards. I had to print them and laminate them. I also finished my homework and got ready for math class.

3/21/14- I worked on more of the prefix cards. I printed them out and laminated my four cards. I cut them out and did more of my homework for math class. I also read more of my book.

3/26/14- Today in Mrs. Napolis class I worked on my prefix cards again. I printed them to Mr. Gotschalk's Room. I then lamented them in the teachers lounge. I then went outside with her class and played football.

3/28/14- Today I did not have any work to do so I did my homework for my classes. I also read my book and went outside with my class and played football.

4/2/14- I worked on more of the prefix flash cards and got to go outside and play football with Mrs. Napoli's students. I also got to go to the teachers lounge and laminate and cut out the flash cards

4/4/12- Mrs. Napoli did not have much for me to work on so I finished my homework. I also worked on more of her notecards. Laminated them and cut them out into the squares.

4/9/14- Mrs. Napoli made me work on more of her notecards. I printed them out and laminated them. I also cut them out and brought them back to class. I worked on more cards but did not print them.

4/11/14- Today I worked on my flash cards again and cut and laminated them. I also went outside with her students and played football

4/23/14- Today I helped Michael and Tj move recycling to the outside dumpster. I also made more of Mrs. Napoli's flash cards. I made them and then printed them out. I also laminated and cut them out.

4/30/14- Today I worked on more flash cards and printed and laminated them. I cut them out and paper clipped them. I have completed 20 of the words on the 60 list.

5/2/14- today I was absent due to a foot injury so I did not have work.

5/7/14- Today I went to the library to work so that I did not have to walk to far to the printers. I got to work more on the flash cards. I also helped Michael cut out pages in the teachers lounge.

5/9/14- Today I also worked in the library and got more flash cards done. I got to laminate and print them. I also cut them into boxes. I then helped Michael and Tj with recycling and helped them with there papers.

Contact Information

For more information or to schedule an interview, please contact Bruce Timok, EFE Teacher, Byrd Middle School 804-750-2730