My Learning Experience with Edmodo

Here are some facts referring to this matter:

1. The most interesting task

The most interesting task for me was the Digital Leaflets, because I find it useful as an advertise tool.

2. The most difficult task

The speaking task, but only because it took a longer time to finish it.

3. What I liked in learning English with Edmodo

Overall I liked all the tasks because it is a complete work tool for students and I see it as a great way for us to improve our English.

4. What I found difficult in learning with Edmodo

Technically speaking the interface is a little slow when you are using media tools.

5. Three things that I learned

First of all I learned new words and expressions, I learned to use new online tools and

new information about the related topics in the assignments.

6. Anything else you’d like to add

I would encourage everyone to use Edmodo, because all in all it is a great way of learning and the teacher has the possibility to guide the students in their assignments when they are working at home.