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Increasing Teacher-Parent Communication in Your Class


It seems that one of the biggest struggles, as teachers, is keeping streamlined communication between parents/guardians and teachers. There may be numerous reasons for this, but there are several small steps we can take to increase parent-teacher communication to increase student achievement. No matter your desired level of involvement, adding a small element to your teaching could have a positive effect on parent/guardian communication. Below are a few of my favorite ideas for increasing that communication.

Invite Guardians to Google Classroom

Google Classroom has countless benefits to teachers as the shift to a more digital classroom evolves. But, are you aware that one of those features is the ability to invite Guardians into the Classroom happenings? From the Students tab, you are able to invite all of your students' guardians and keep them up to date on their assignments. I've created a guide to assist with this: Inviting Guardians to Google Avoid providing parents with the Join Code, as that invites them in as students, and they will not be able to see their students' assignments, only the ability to complete their own that they've just been assigned!


Since today's society is more about the device in the palm of their hands instead of the computer on a desk, you can use a service like Remind to send quick updates or reminders of upcoming events. You are given a unique phone number and a class code. The parent/guardian texts that number and inputs the code, and then they are able to receive the updates. This is a very simple way to increase communication in an effective method.

Class Messenger

Quite similar in platform to Remind, Class Messenger has the ability to send text messages, along with several other features. This is a much more complex tool, simply because it is available as a website, as a mobile app (iOS and Android), a text message, and in an e-mail format, all connected to the teacher account. The parent can select to receive the notifications, or they can visit the website, or even download the mobile app. Additionally, teachers have the ability to attach assignments, docs, or even Google Docs to an announcement, making this a preferred all-around parent/guardian communication tool.

Start a Classroom Twitter

If you're wanting an easy way to showcase class happenings, send a general message, or even send simple reminders, starting a class Twitter would be the best. That means you could display whatever information you'd like and then parents would retrieve it at their leisure. In addition, creating a Twitter hashtag would allow students to Tweet about their learning and even parents/guardians could send a brief shoutout to their student using the hashtag. Even if a student or parent doesn't have Twitter, they would still be able to do a Google search to access all that has been posted in that hashtag.

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