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Director's Newsletter

January 19th, 2018

Benjamin Scoville, Director
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From the Director

Dear Parents,

This week CDS Middle School sincerely enjoyed getting to know our new students better. It has been wonderful watching their personalities emerge and appreciating their fresh contribution to our school culture.

It was a busy week for athletics as orientations were held for Volleyball and Table Tennis. Many students showed up and gave it their best effort! We look forward to an excellent season ahead.

This week we also held our Term 3 Assembly. Principal Shim shared an important message about persistence in the face of challenges. Mr. Harris hosted a Minute-to-Win-it Dalton Cup event, and a variety of awards and certificates were presented for AR reading and Mathletes competitions. In honor of Martin Luther King Jr. Day in the United States, we watched a video clip of Martin Luther King Jr. giving a speech to a group of young people about dignity, hope, and moving forward no matter what. We ended the assembly by discussing the exciting events coming up during Term 3.

Check out the rest of the newsletter for this week's highlights and information on upcoming events like the final round of the MS Spelling Bee, the Korean Writing Competition, and the Long House Geography Bee.

I would also like to share the great news that three new students will join CDS beginning Monday.

7th Grade:

(7B) Suyeon Lee

8th Grade:

(8A) Seungho (Andrew) Jin

(8B) Seunghyuk Kim

I hope all of you have a great weekend!

I.D. Cards & Lunch

For the last several weeks, CDS students have been scanning their Dalton I.D. cards in the cafeteria to receive lunch. Doing so allows us to collect useful data on which lunch options students prefer. Ultimately, this will help us to prepare the right amount of food each day.

Students: If you misplace your I.D. card and are not able to find it here's what you can do...

Visit the MS Office and explain to Ms. Lee that you've lost your card and need a new one. We will contact the main office right away and ask them to make a new card for you. This may take a few days. In order to receive your new card, you must bring 5,000 won to the Main CDS Office (on the first floor). When your card is finished, it will be brought to the MS Office where you can collect it.

In the meanwhile, you can explain to the cafeteria workers that a new card is being made and then sign the sheet on the clipboard. You will no longer need to wait until the line is finished to get your lunch.

If you have any questions, please let me (Mr. Scoville) know.

Learning Styles Explored

It is widely agreed that there are three general types of learning styles that we utilize to acquire new information. Visual, auditory and kinesthetic learning styles (sometimes referred to as VAK) is nothing new and has been around for many decades. Although we use all three styles in some way when we consume knowledge, we rely on one style more than the other. By understanding which way a student learns best, parents and teachers can adapt and differentiate instruction to help children learn and absorb new material at a higher and more comprehensible rate. The following is a brief description of each style. If you are interested in learning more about VAK or would like your child to take a quiz to see which way they learn the best please follow one of the links that I have added. You may even want to take the quiz yourself!

Visual Learner- This type of learner will best learn new material by seeing pictures, exploring graphs, and utilizing any type of visual representation of the content being proposed. This type of learner may best express themselves by giving presentations and showing rather than telling,

Auditory learner- This type of learner will best learn new material by listening to lectures and verbal repetition of new material. They will thrive in setting that are heavy with discussion and will prefer to express themselves by telling and not showing.

Kinesthetic learner - This type of learner will best learn when they are able to do and experience new information through hands on activities. These students will typically prefer to express what they have learned by having a tangible finished product.

Term 3 Assembly
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Korean Writing Competition

MS 한국어 글쓰기 대회 계획

o 일시 - 2018년 2월 5일 월요일 CC시간(2시40분~4시)

o 장소 – 1층 testing room

o 대상 – 중등 참가 희망자 전체

o 영역 - 만화, 시, 수필(일기, 편지, 주장하는 글, 에세이 등. 소설 제외)

o 시상 - 영역별 1,2,3위 총 9~12명

o 홍보 및 신청 - 한국어 수업시간(1월 22일 ~ 26일)

o 평가 기준

- (내용) 말하고자 하는 것이 분명하고 개성 있는가?

- (구성) 글이 처음-중간-끝으로 나누어져 있는가?

- (흐름) 글이 처음부터 끝까지 자연스럽게 흘러가는가?

- (표현) 단어와 문장의 표현이 바른가?

o 주제 : 다음 중에서 하나 선택

- 내 동생 또는 우리 형(오빠, 누나, 언니... 다 됨)

- 우리 엄마 또는 아빠(할머니, 할아버지, 다른 가족... 다 됨)

- 내 친구

- 나의 보물

- 나의 꿈

- 나에게 방학이란?

- 내가 가장 재밌게 본 책을 소개합니다.

- 감동적인 영화를 추천한다면?

- 올 해 내가 가장 발전하고 싶은 것

- 내가 가장 행복했던 순간

- 가장 고마운 사람

- 내가 했던 선의의 거짓말

- 엄마의 잔소리

- 물건 잃어버렸던 경험

- 우리 집 강아지와 내가 뒤바뀐다면?

- 고치고 싶은 나의 성격이 있다면?

- 말은 힘이 있다.

- 내가 가진 고정관념


MS Korean Writing Competition

Date: February 5th, 2018 (Monday) at CC time [2:40-4pm]

Place: 1st Floor Testing Room

Participant: All MS students who wish to participate

Category: Cartoon, Poem, Essay (Diary, Letter, Assertive/Argumentative Writing etc, EXCEPT FOR fiction)

Award: Top 3 in each category (Total 9-12 students)

Announcement: In Korean class (Jan 22nd-26th)

Evaluation standard:

  • (Contents) : Is the meaning clear

  • (Structure) : Introduction-Body-Conclusion

  • (Coherence)

  • (Expression): Are vocabularies and expressions appropriate?

Topic: Choose one among these

  • My siblings

  • My parents or grandparents

  • My friend

  • My treasure

  • My dream

  • What is the meaning of “vacation” for me?

  • The most interesting book I have read

  • Recommend a movie that is touching

  • Anything I would like to develop this year

  • The happiest moment in my life

  • Person to whom I would like to say ‘Thank you’

  • Experience of telling a white lie

  • Mom’s nag

  • Experience of losing stuff

  • What if life of my dog and I are switched?

  • My personality that I would like to change

  • Words have power

  • Stereotype I have

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Geography Bee - Long House

The first ever CDS Geography Bee will be this coming week!

This is a great and fun opportunity for students to show off their geography knowledge and intelligence on world locations. Knowing about geographical locations, nations and features is key for a healthy world view and we would like to encourage our students to study maps!

The fist round of the Bee will be in Long House on Thursday. All are welcome to attempt this first hurdle which will involve questions on world geographical locations and features. The top three students from each house will be invited to compete in Level 2. The final winners will earn their precious Dalton Cup points in our year long Dalton Cup competition.

-Mr. Harris

SCBS News 1/17/18

Be sure to check out student council news in the video below.

* Video correction, the final Spelling Bee will take place in Dalton Hall on Monday during CC time---not during Long House on the 25th.
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Upcoming Events

1/22 - Spelling Bee - Final Round: (CC Time)

1/25 - KIMEA Honor Choir Festival (@ GSIS)

2/1 - KIMEA Honor Band Festival (@ SFS)

1/30 - 2/1 -Winter MAP Testing

2/5 - Korean Writing competition