About Adiel :

A Welcome Tutorial for GVS AP Environmental Science

Name and School

Hello, My name is Adiel Santibanez and I go to Buford High school and am currently a senior.

Favorite Subject

My favorite subject in school has always been history and science because they both answer why we are where we are and answers why the world functions in certain ways.

Career aspirations & why I am taking this course

I actually aspire to be a brownfield reconstructionist which means I will be repairing environmentally hazardous location and making them safe and accessible to the public. Because of my aspirations a course such as AP Environmental Science is crucial in understanding the basics that underlay my possible career.


I have an American Cocker Spaniel as a pet dog named Louie, Three parakeets , and a fish tank with two giant cichlids. I play four instruments: Alto Saxophone, French Horn, Mellophone, and Clarinet. I participate in my school's marching band, Quiz Bowl Team, Drama's Technical Team, and Track and Field team.