My learning,Enrique

What does genre mean?

Take a look at my Popplet below.
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Gothic genre

Gothic genre is about scary thing like monsters and its function is to be scary.

What are the elements of the gothic genre?

Scary monsters,darkness, eerie creatures, dark places, screams

It is about scary things created by the imagination and gives you a feeling of nervousness and of being scared.

What is a play?

A play is different from a story book. In a play there are different characters,settings,acts...

In a novel,there are paragraphs and in a play, there are characters speaking.

What are my thoughts so far about the setting the characters,the plot of the play?

I think this play willbe about a mad scientist who creates a monster.


In the prologue,captain Walton is on a ship in the Arctic.

I believe, they sailed where no one else sailed before, obviously,they got stuck in the ice. Then they started to here two strange voices. The sailors thought there were ghosts. One voice was shouting and screaming in pain( Frankenstein, the mad scientist). The other one was howling in revenge (the monster I think)

Then, they saw the man sceaming in pain, fall off the sledge. Captain Walton and his crew went and rescued him.

The man on the sledge was huge and hideous, I think he is the monster and he is the one who is howling in revenge because he Is suffering, he is ugly and lonely.

Act 1

At Frankenstein house,Frankenstein and Clerval were creating Frankenstein's invention.It was a monster made of parts of dead humans bodies. Clerval didn't really know what was happening but he wanted to help his friend.

Frankenstein needed a lightning storm to create that monster and finally the Lightning strikes.

The monster is born, Frankenstein sees him and he is really scared by his invention and he runs out of the room.

The monster has scaped and runs away.