New Teacher Orientation


We're so glad you've joined our Wolfpack family!!


  • Introductions ( Deborah Evans- District Curriculum and Instruction Coordinator and Miranda Walker- Director of PEIMS)
  • Support Information
  • Taking Care of Business ( Logins etc.) DMAC, TEKS Resource
  • Ascender ( Miranda Walker) on Gradebook and Attendance
  • Available Resources Information
  • New Teacher Survey

Deborah Evans

Miranda Walker


As a new teacher at SAISD, we want you to know that we are here to support you !! If you have any problems or questions our team is here to help.

Of course, you are always supported by your principal, assistant principal and other staff on each campus.

In addition, I will be contacting you for short follow up visits approximately once a week during your conference time. We will meet until you feel comfortable with your resources, instructional planning and any other needs you may have as you begin your new teaching journey at SAISD.

Deborah Evans

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