Peter and Max: A Fables Novel

By Bill Willingham

Peter and Max is a re-telling of how the Pied Piper and Peter Piper gained their fame. In fact both boys were brothers whose family were traveling minstrels. Max, the oldest became mentally unstable and jealous of his brother Peter when their father gave Peter the family heirloom Frost; a powerful flute that was supposedly carved from a finger bone off a Frost Giant.

Max grew jealous of this and eventually went insane, to top that off he was given a powerful flute of his own named Fire. Fire could bend the will of anything, including humans. Max used this to advantage and became known as the Pied Piper of Hamelin who stole the children away from the city to torment the officials.

Eventually the two brothers have a showdown in our world and it becomes the sibling rivalry of a lifetime.