Please Stop Laughing At Me

Jodee Blanco

Summary Of Please Stop Laughing At Me

Jodee is a teenage girl experiencing the true definition of bullying. She starts getting bullied in 5th grade and it doesn't stop till she graduates high school. Jodee desperately tries to fit in but it just never seems to happen. She even switches schools several times and changes friend groups but its really no help. Jodee just can't fit in because shes not a follower and shes has a body deformation. Jodee learns from the bullying and end ups becoming a famous author and writes about her terrible life in high school.

Character Analysis

The character in my book is Jodee, She is a teenager who is going through school bullying and experiencing what its like to have no friends. Jodee just wants to fit in so bad but she can't seem to ever to do it. Jodee has a problem with letting kids get picked on she feels like she need to help them and defend them and that's why she gets picked on as well. Like in the book on pg. 157 it says "They wanted to pick on the teacher. How dare they think I could embarrass one of my favorite teachers.".

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Conflict / Resolution

Jodee in my opinion is related most to character to self because throughout the entire book she can never fit in with any crowd and gets picked on constantly. Jodee solves this problem from keeping quiet and not fighting but walking away and being the better person.


The theme of this book to me is to just never give up and always be the better person. I think that is the theme because in the book she thinks several times to just give up and die and sometimes she even thinks of killing the people who make her so miserable but she doesn't and just goes through it and leaves it be. This ends up working for her because now she is a famous author and speaker.

Textual Evidence

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Book Review

I give this book a 5/5 stars because this book is a true story of what a girl went through so we know its not a made up story. It also can help bullied kids very well because maybe before they read this they think they are the only one but once they read this that they aren't useless and they can be something in life. Not only can it help bullied kids but people that are just going through tough things in life because Jodee who has been through the worst with bullying managed to get out of it and become extremely successful.

Multi - Media Sources

Jodee Blanco gives presentation on bullying at Onekama Schools