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Oracle Bones

Who found Oracle Bones?

Oracle Bones were discovered by Wang Yirong, a chinese scholar, who was the first to recognize the oracle bones as ancient writing. But Lou Zhunyu collected 30,000 oracle bones published 7 volumes of books on oracle bones and identified oracle bones as old as the Shang kings in the Shang Dynasty.

Different types of Oracle Bones

Ancient Chinese custom

Oracle Bones

what are oracle bones?

Oracle Bones are used for many different purposes. They are used for fortune telling, medicine/healing, writing. They also found oracle bones in Korea but they were without writing when they were found in Korea.

Why are Oracle Bones Important

Oracle bones are important because it helps express the Chinese culture and it helps them send important messages to the gods. Some oracle bones are dated back to the Zhou dynasty have mercy signals saying to the gods to help them.

How old are oracle bones

Oracle bones date back to the 1600 B.C. They date back to a vicious man named Cheng Teng overthrew a evil king named Xian Xi. Then he made a diviner, develop a creation that he could contact the god with and the diviner made the oracle bone.


They make the sacred oracle bones.