Gabby's Presentation

ficton and non fiction


An autobiography is an account of a person's life written by that person. Lets say Selena Gomez wanted to make a book about her self, so she would find a publisher and he would help her write it and then publish it.


An Memoir is a collection of memories that an person it self writes about moments or events. So I would most likely write something or an event in my life that is important to me and the try to have it published.


A biography presents a subject's life story, So lets say a person wanted to write about one of the presidents they would probably research and then write about it.


An adventure is an event or series. The adventure often has a twist in it and moves quickly and makes me VERY hooked on the book.


An action book is usually filled with action packed stuff like explosions, superheroes, and etc. stuff like that.


Mystery is usually an murder, kidnapping, ghost, horror

Realistic fiction

Stories/Novels that seem to be real or could happen.

Hi Jacob

Science fiction

Books that involve imaginational content


The romance genre is mostly about love. It often involves a love story.

Historical fiction

Action that took place in the past.


Fantasy is an genre that uses magic and imagination and magical creatures creatures and ans island take place on a magical journey


Horror and thriller is scary stuff like ghost and zombies.