America Industrialized

By: Isaac Gustafson

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Great Inventors

Who: Henry Bessmer was a English engineer, inventor and businessman.

What: He is more commonly known for inventing the Bessmer process for manufacturing steel.

Where: Bessmer was born in Charlton UK, and died in London UK.

When: Henry was born on January 18, 1813 and died March 15, 1898.

Why: He is important because without his process for making steel we wouldn't have had sky scrapers that early in history plus steel is stronger cheaper and lasts longer then iron.

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Who: The Union Pacific railroad company was originally founded by Abraham Lincoln.

What: The Union Pacific is a railroad company that was apart of the transcontinental railroad.

Where: The first Union Pacific rail is laid in Omaha, Nebraska. The Union Pacific headquarters is also in Omaha.

When: The Union Pacific railroad company was founded in 1862. The golden spike was driven at promontory summit, Utah.

Why: The Union Pacific is important because it was apart of the first transcontinental railroad.


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