Changes in the world of work

How has work changed?

Influx of workers from the EU

Impact of this locally or across the UK

Migrant worker come to the UK to make money for their families back home, instead of taking high paid jobs they take low paid jobs that take very little skill at all.

The migrants are taking the opportunity to take the jobs.

Closure of businesses

What businesses have closed recently?

Over the last few years high street businesses have been at risk of closing but for some this has been reality, Blockbuster have gone completely bust while Game and HMV have both closed some stores or downsized.

This has a big effect on some workers that have been made redundant, its difficult to find jobs in today's economic climate

Fewer jobs for life?

Back when our grandparents were young adults they would have been able to get a job and stay in that job until they retired miner is a good example.

Now people can only work for a few months until they have to move on or are let go

Increased use of technology in the workplace?

Since machines are being invented that can do a job of a human more inefficiently, people are being let go to save money.

Supermarkets now have self scanners which cuts time in half

Employers want better qualifications?

Employers are now wanting better qualifications from people, but since people aren't doing as well at school its harder since the grade boundaries are being set higher.

a few years ago it would have been easier to get the good maths and English grades.

The people that don't get good grades are cast aside and stuck doing the low paid jobs.

Increase in older people not retiring

Older people don't want to retire but the job that they are still in isn't available for new people.

For a 68 firefighter its much harder to do psychical exercise so giving them a office job and letting new firefighters take over would allows both parties to be happy.

it takes young people a while to fine work.

Increase in service industries

The hospitality and retail are expanding but have some of least paid jobs ever and can be only part time plus workers could be on a zero hour contract which means that a person doesn't have specified hours work.

Effects of the recession on certain job sectors

Retail has be one of the worst hit, many high street stores have gone bust or had to close some stores.

blockbuster declared themselves bankrupt after competing with online company Netflix while video game retailer Game shut many of its stores and downsized into smaller units.

What type of companies are expanding and creating jobs locally and across the UK?

In Yorkshire the retail industry is hiring all the time while factory Nestle is hiring over 1,900 people in the area.

Across the UK all sorts of factories are hiring.

Zero hour contracts- Implications?

Workers on zero hour contracts are on call and might not get work for some time, the employee has to agree to the hours given and be ready at all times.

Changes that may affect my career plans

When i leave college I want to make webpages for companies but if I do go down that route I will be on a zero hour contract but I'm also planning to have a job to keep myself steady will i get work.

Since I'm doing IT my skills will change all the time, I could take online course to upgrade my skills.

My life plans may change in the future because I may have to move to find work.

If I did have to move I would like to stay in the UK so i have easy transport to see family.