Defining True And Inner Beauty

Christian Ethics 90 - By Megan

How do we, as Christians, define beauty?

We as Christians take the statement, "beauty" in a different, unique, and spiritual way besides common beauty whom society within media interprets it. What I believe is that true beauty can be regarded as beauty on the inside, and that being a good person determines who you are. God wants us all to be motivated to doing good deeds by becoming like Christ. We praise, worship, and participate in expressing our righteous and goodness towards others or for our self. What motivates us is a great example of becoming truly beautiful.

Reflection Questions

What about me is beautiful?

I see beauty in me for accepting and loving people the way they are, and that goes for me as well. I look up to the people who impacted me to be who I am. For an example, my mom is a strong and optimistic human being which motivated me to become just like her. No matter how others look down on me and tell me that I don't have a good looking appearance, my inner beauty can tell me to understand for who I am.

How do I care for my body?

I can treat my body carefully in the same way I treat others. That includes risking all what's good for the sake of helping people so that they got your back when the next time you need their help. Caring for my body is like looking after my own spirit. If I resist doing good deeds, I would feel like I won't have any spirit in me.

How can Jesus reach others through me?

God made us as social beings called to love and serve one another.

How might I grow and change in the future into the person God wants me to be?

I can grow into a better person by choosing and making positive decisions towards myself and others, which is also taking care of other people's bodies (spirits) and maintain mine.