alll you need to know

Facts you need to know about jupiter

.69,911 km is the size of Jupiter

.778,500,000 is the distance from Jupiter to the sun

.1 year on Jupiter is 12 Earth years

.1 day is 9 hours and 56 minutes on Jupiter

.Jupiter has 63 moons

.Jupiter is made of hydrogen and helium

.story's say that an ancient greek god discovered jupiter and named it after zeus

.The longest time to get to Jupiter is half a year and the shortest is 30 days

what surprised me about Jupiter ?

The size surprised because three Earth's can fit in it with room to spare.

one day on Jupiter is 10 hours that's almost as long as a school day which is 7 hours.

it has 63 moons

Jupiter is named after zeus

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how is Jupiter compared to Earth?

  1. Earth atmosphere is made of carbon dioxide and Jupiter's is made of helium and hydrogen
  2. Jupiter is about 3 times bigger than Earth
  3. Jupiter has 63 moons and Earth only has one
  4. Earth has 24 hours in a day and Jupiter has about 10 hours
  5. Jupiter is not able to live on because it does not have oxygen for us to survive and other reasons

what do we need to survive on the planet

  • plants and trees to produce oxygen and carbon dioxide
  • various animals
  • water
  • food
  • ways of transportation
  • weather safe shelter
  • land to live on
  • try to remove toxic gasses
  • a coat because of cold weather
  • a strong source of light
  • a government
  • a currency
  • laws

Types of weather

average temperature is -145 Celsius

there's is an everlasting thunder storm on Jupiter but sometimes it seems as if its not there

on Jupiter it rains a lot because of how many moons there are interfering with tides

Facts about Jupiter: Ten interesting Facts about Jupiter