By: Chloe Acosta, Hagan Hill, Lijana Young

-The Zwitterion (zwitter- german for hybrid) has both an end with a positive charge and an end with a negative charge, but have an overall neutral charge. This occurs in an aqueous solution when a H+ ion in a molecule is transferred from one end of the molecule to the other.

-The best examples of Zwiiterions are amino acids.Amino acids have both a basic amine group and an acidic carboxylic acid group.

-The charged atoms must be connected by one or more covalent bonds or they are not considered zwitterions.

-Amino acids exist even in the solid state. If you dissolve the amino acid in water, a simple solution also contains this ion.

-A zwitterion is a compound with no overall electrical charge, but which contains separate parts which are positively and negatively charged.