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Dont underestimate an underdog

How overcoming on being an underdog

In the movie The Blind Side starring Sandra Bullock and Quinton Aaron
there's a major problem. Michael's mom is a drug addict, and is always leaving Michael home alone, and never really cares about him nor pays any attention to him. Michael never knew where his dad was, he never saw or met him. But, one day Michael couldn't see his mom anymore because of her behavior and mistreatment towards him. He was never the best in school, because going to school and not being able to focus led him to suffer with his work. The main difficulty, is that he is living with no mom by his side and never met his dad. He is technically a stranded teenager. Michael always had a desire to play and to be on a football team, so he tried out for the school's football team.The majority of the guys that want to be apart of the team made fun for him of how he looks, and since he is bigger and barely has friends, besides his "brother" S.J In order to, maintain his school work a supportive woman named, Leigh Anne Tuohy, steps up to help him. She and her family adhered to their commitments to help Michael reach his goals. By sticking to him no matter what comes in their way. That Michael has an opportunity and an impact of his life to succeed. When he expresses his interest in football, she goes out to help him, Since she knows that he has a desire for football and wishes to have a family, and a great life. Leigh treated Michael as if he was one of her own. She provided him with a nice loving home. Also, a tutor to bump up his grades so he can qualify for the NCAA and to get rewarded a scholarship. Therefore, it led him to succeed in school and for his career in football.

Can you be different and take risks..?

Gabby Douglas is an Olympic game champion that had many decisions in her life to succeed in her dream first had to leave everything that she had. Then she left for Iowa to start training with her coach. Since Gabby isnt going to be around her family she has to live with a family that she never met before until that day she does. Until, it's time for her to compete to become an olympic champion. Gabby demolished her other female competitor gymnast, Shawn Johnson. Shawn made Gabby persevere since she thought Shawn was very impeccable, she thought she was going to win. Turns out he didn't win Gabby was determined to win and so she did. Differs from, Shawn and Gabby is that Shawn had an injury from a skiing accident. She went from training partner, to Gabby's mentor. Shawn helped cheer Gabby on to Gold at the 2012 Games in London, and that when she became an gold medalist.

Do you think your combative enough?

What is combative? Combative is when you're able to fight and complete your goal. In the movie Seabiscuit. For instance, A man named Charles is trying to be resilience after his only childs death and the end of his first marriage. For him to be able to recover his life again, he got remarried to a woman named Marcela he enters in a horse race. A trainer, Tom Smith picks a horse for Charles, Seabiscuit. Characteristics of Seabiscuit is that she is small at fifteen and a half tall with a slight limp. But most important Seabiscuit isn't one of those advanced racers so its Charles job to retrain her. In order for Seabiscuit to become noble and Charles to become adverse to his new life.