Book Review

By Leah J.

Smart Girls Get What They Want

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by Sarah Strohmeyer

Copyright: 2012

Genre: Realistic Fiction Romance


"Smart Girls Get What They Want" Is about overachievers Gigi, Bea, and Neerja who are best friends in high school going through obstacles. Gigi is going through a cheating scandal with MIKE who is her HUGE crush since first grade. The typical cute jock with "the man clan." She is also running for student representative. But has horrible stage fright, and i mean HORRIBLE. Bea is joining the ski team. You would think "well its just a ski team." Nope its a sensitive topic in her family because her brother almost got killed in a snowboarding accident. Neerja is doing the big play "Romeo and Juliet" and is having some boy trouble. Not to mention a hottie from California named Will comes and messes with Gigi's head. Read "Smart Girls Get What They Want" and see if smart girls really get what they want.

My Favorite Character

Oh. My. Goodness. This is a dead give-a-way to me... Mike!! Mike is the typical jock on the outside but Gigi finds out a little more about him. He is an athlete. Smart, and not to mention pretty cute. But you have to admit all guys in books are cute, because they are tailored to your tastes in your head. He cares about Gigi and is willing to look dumb for her. There are so many other things i love about Mike but cant say, because it would give away part of the story.

My Recommendations

I would recommend this book to girls in 8th through 11th graders. If you are a Romantic and love stories with a cute twist, this is a great book for you. I would also recommend this to girls who are overachievers, because its always fun to compare your self to the characters in the book. I would say I am a combination of all three Bea, Gigi and Neerja I am outgoing and boisterous like Bea, I love theater like Neerja and every thing about me is like Gigi except the not good with talking to groups, I love to talk.

Brian Wilson - Smart Girls

While i was reading this book I thought about this song, kinda self explanatory.
Brian Wilson - Smart Girls