Stop GMOs!

They Hurt Small Farmers

  • GM crops might prove too expensive for poor farmers in developing countries
  • Would widen the gap between the rich and the poor
  • Farmer's without the proper resources are subject to attacks by disease and pests

Is it Against Nature?

  • many believe that playing around with the genetic makeup of plants and animals is unnatural
  • some believe that we have no right to quickly change what took millions of years to happen
  • some believe that we should not substitute human for natural selection
  • This will lead to negatively affecting the environment in the long run

GM Foods Aren't Accepted By All

  • GM foods suffer from dangerously poor oversight and regulation
  • GM foods are judged harshly without adequate testing
  • There is a controversy over labeling
  • U.S. producers don't have to label food
  • Consumers then complain of being uninformed of what they are eating