Eduphoria Update

Region 17 June 2017

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STRIVE Is Coming Soon to Your Site:

Strive will release in 3 weeks!

Strive licenses will be enabled on Tuesday, June 27, 2017 for any district that:

  • currently has Workshop
  • currently has Appraise
  • currently has both Workshop and Appraise (Suite)

Workshop and Appraise licenses will remain on for the initial transition.


You have 24-hour access to Strive training materials that can help during your initial exploration of Strive. You can expect more materials coming soon including PDF version "Quicksheets" for each article, a downloadable PDF notebook for each section, video tutorials, and train-the-trainer flows for principals and teachers. Stay tuned!

End of Year Procedures! Make Sure You Watch

Wednesday Webinars

End-of-Year Procedures

Wednesday, June 7 at 2:00 PM CST

Target Audience: District Eduphorians, Managers of Applications in the Suite
Topics: Learn the steps for closing out the school year and preparing your applications for the new year!


Can't attend LIVE?
Register and a link to the recording will be sent via email.

Eduphoria Updates-Axiom

Axiom is the solution for assessment and accountability staff to efficiently generate:

  • 2016-2017 Accountability Rating Predictions for districts and campuses
  • Index-specific student focus groups for year-long action plans
  • Customizable STAAR summary reports to foster conversations

Best of all, Axiom is designed in partnership with the Accountability Team at Region 10 and Eduphoria. It can be accessed in Eduphoria using Aware STAAR data. Districts that do not currently use Eduphoria may purchase Axiom as a stand-alone tool.

Here is our flyer. More information and screenshots will be available soon.

Big image

Updates & Releases

Recently released fixes/features

NOTE: The updates and features below are not yet available for ONSITE districts


  • Appraise Goal notification emails were being sent with incorrect URLs


  • Updated Students Tests & Scores page to display Overall Score for Istation data
  • Erroneous Performance Level titles were displaying when analyzing data under Quick Views


  • The Staff Credit Report was erroring out when submitted using the "including event titles" option

All fixes/features pending release


  • Districts are currently unable to update existing documents with changes made to templates


  • Items in the Formative Assessment item bank for Grade 4 Math were displaying code


  • eSchool Plus added an additional field for the student economic disadvantage indicator, which prevented the indicator from importing into Eduphoria. Eduphoria has updated the importer to recognize this new field.
  • NOTE: This update requires the newest version of the Eduphoria Roster Import Tool

Eduphoria Needs Some Help Geting AP Standards

A recent press release from Texas Commissioner of Education Mike Morath, stated that “more than 122,000 Texas graduates took at least one Advanced Placement Program® (AP®) exam during their high school careers.”

For years districts have requested Eduphoria provide the AP® Curriculum Frameworks in our software for teacher use in planning and sharing resources. Hundreds of districts utilize Eduphoria for curriculum management and lesson planning, including AP courses. We have worked to attain approval from the College Board but unfortunately, have not been successful.....yet. We have not given up hope, and that is why we are reaching out.

We need your help!

We are hoping that if we provide a list of our districts that use Eduphoria with some additional data on your district AP course count, we can get a “yes!” We hope that by getting permission, we can upload the AP curriculum standards to the database just like your state standards (i.e. TEKS).

What can I do to help get AP standards for my district?

1. Forward this to your district administrators and superintendents to provide validation that your district and teachers would benefit from the use of the curriculum frameworks in our database.

2. Complete the form below by listing your name, title, district, approximate number of AP courses offered, and the approximate number of students taking AP courses.

What happens next?

The information collected will be sent to the College Board AP Permissions & Licensing team to help guide their decision to grant permission for Eduphoria to provide these standards for your access.

We will keep you updated on the progress.

Thank you for your continued support!


Check Out Petersburg ISD on the Wednesday Webinar for Eduphoria!

Impacting Student Achievement with Eduphoria! Presented by Petersburg ISD

Target Audience: Eduphorians, Formspace Administrators, Campus Form Creators & Administrators

Topics: Petersburg ISD (ESC17) staff will share how they use Eduphoria applications to impact student achievement through data driven instruction.

Data Website for US History

Check out the awesome data analysis website created by Jenny Gaona, Region 17 Social Studies Specialist:

TEKSbank Fall News from Region 10 ESC

Fall 2016 Update

Work on the TEKSbank Item Bank continued throughout the Summer. Item counts will change almost daily as work continues on refining and adding items. Below is an update of the highlights of the status of our work:

Completed Work

· Added the 2016 STAAR Released Items

· Translated 2nd Grade Math items to Spanish (10 items per SE)

· Translated 2nd Grade Science and Social Studies items to Spanish (all items)

· Created 2nd Grade ELAR items – 600 questions

Current Work

· Continued improvement of graphics, formulas and charts

· Continue writing 2nd Grade ELAR items

· Proofing new Math STAAR-like items per grade (2nd, 3rd, 4th & 5th)

Upcoming Work

· 2nd Grade ELAR items being written (another 10-15 passages with questions)

· Aligning new ELAR TEKS

New ELAR TEKS in 2016

We are aware that the new ELAR TEKS are scheduled to be approved by the SBOE late Spring of 2017 now. We are making necessary plans to realign our existing content and add new content where necessary.

TEKS Resource System Unit Assessment Items

The TEKS Resource System items are still available in TEKSbank. To find these while building a test, you can search for the keyword “2016unit#” to bring up items aligned to a specific unit on your YAG. These are updated as the TEKS Resource System state team makes changes.

2016 STAAR Items

The 2016 STAAR Items have been added to TEKSbank. To find these items and add them to a test, search keyword “STAAR 2016”. “STAAR 2014” & “STAAR 2015” will continue to find last year’s released items. You must put a space between STAAR and the year.

TEKSbank is accessed in Region 17 through your ESC Curriculum contract.

Thank you so much!

This will be my last listserv with Region 17. I will be going to Lubbock ISD. I hope my listserv has been helpful. I will miss getting to work with each of you!