Saratoga Springs, New York

By: Justin Smith

Saratoga Springs


The Season right now is late winter early spring in Saratoga.

The highest high temp was 80 degrees and the lowest temp was -1 degrees.

The winds for that week were calm and more south winds.

There were showers for the week and it was a 60% chance of rain and snow

The humidity was 76% and it didn't really change throughout the week

My Contact person was my Grandma

The weather was "Stormy, Snowy, and cold"

My temperatures were only about 10 degrees off of the original temperatures


For Saratoga right now it is Snowy but it is starting to melt away

Latitude: 43.0753N 7.7825W, My city is closer to the North Pole so that is why it is colder there for longer parts of the year.

The prevailing winds for the city were Southwesterly winds

Saratoga is a rather large city but i think it is just like Grapevine & Colleyville

My city is close to the east coast so we were more prone to hurricanes

My city is closer to the Catskill Mountains and the Adirondack Mountains so it makes it colder.

It is near Saratoga lake which is a decent size lake but we aren't very close to the oceans

No ocean currents affect it because it is not because of an ocean

It is pretty far away from the ocean so we don't get a lot of tornadoes but we do get some hurricanes

If we moved towards the coast more we would have more hurricanes and if we moved more inland i think that we would be more prone to tornadoes and things like that.

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