Teacher Talk


October Staff Starburst Awards

WCH Upcoming Events


10/14/16 – Student Picture Retakes (Volunteers will pick up students from your room)

10/14/16- Dyslexia training during your conference period with Mrs. Voges in the conference room.

10/17/16 – Student Council Meeting – 3:00pm

10/18/16 – APEX Fun Run Kickoff Event

10/19/16 – 5th Grade Field Trip

10/21/16 – GT Referrals Deadline

10/27/16 – APEX Race Day

10/28/16 – Cupcake Friday and Character Parade at 7:45 am (in place of assembly)

10/31/16 – Student Council Meeting – 3:00pm

Staff reminders

Counseling forms have been placed in your box. Please send these home and return to Joann as soon as possible so we can get groups up and running!

Our monthly fire drill has been moved to this upcoming Monday at 1:30. Be sure to bring your class rosters and red/green cards.

Mary wanted to thank everyone for remembering to do their daily attendance by 10 am each day...thank you teachers!

We wanted to remind everyone to continue to use the Copy Center as much as possible. We've been going through paper quickly and we appreciate everyone keeping our budget in mind as you plan ahead for lessons!

Friday, October 28th at 7:45 am we will have our annual Character Parade (this will be in place of our assembly). Students are encouraged to dress up as their favorite story book character and bring their books to school to share. Please remind students that their costume must be related to this topic and that "fake" weapons are not allowed as part of their costumes (guns, swords, light-sabers..etc.). Let Amanda or Melanie know if you have any questions or concerns. We are working on the parade route and will share this with team leads next week. They are welcome to attend but will need to email Donna at the front desk if they intend to be here for the parade. She will be able to print badges for them in advance.

Please share this information with your parents in your next parent communication/newsletter.

PLC Agendas

Next week all PLCs will meet to finish our work with the Campus Improvement Plans. We will meet in the Art room and work through the last 3 goals. Your input is so valuable to this process. When everyone is committed to common goals we are united in our efforts to support teaching and learning here at WCH!