Mr. B's Best Wishes To MOMs

Bring some sunshine to those ladies who we love and cherish!

Shout out to our Moms

Mom's make a huge difference in our lives. My mom was so happy that I became a teacher and eventually a principal. Her support made all the difference in the world for me and certainly helped me with my confidence when I needed it most. Take a moment this weekend to realize what each of them means to us.

Final Assembly of the Year

We had our final assembly of the year this past Wednesday. Mr. Posick and I lead our respective school each second Wednesday of the month with various topics that we hope will connect with our students. This past assembly, some of our 4th grade principal council members made google slides to share their memories of their years at the Primary School. Here is the link to see the assembly slides.

New Posters with a New Message

in our work to bring our new mission/vision to our children and staff, we have placed posters around the school with messages about values associated with the direction of our district's schools. A special shout out to Megan Spindler for her work to design
Big picture


All this week our terrific PTO and supportive parents have outdone themselves with the SS Merton ports of call theme for Staff Appreciation Week! We are a few pounds heavier due to the delicious homemade dishes and desserts provided by our families. There were plenty of "Oh my's!" and "did you try that's?" all around the lounge. The decorations were a hit too. How do we say thank you!

Reading clubs in grade three workshop

In the pics below, Mr. Frei's class is working away in their book clubs using the topic and genre for the current readers workshop unit. Talking with your children about what they are reading and listening carefully will make them better readers.

Mike Budisch

I have many terrific memories over the years as principal here at the Primary School. The playground has always held fun sights and sounds for me. Lightening has been one of the best.