Ignite the Light!

Creating your fire

Before you start burning:

Gather water and dirt to extinguish the fire when done

Create a "fire ring" 3-6 inches deep, into the ground(no metal ring required!)

Gathering materials

Gather tinder(small materials) such as dry grass or shredded bark to ignite a spark

Gather kindling(medium materials) such as small twigs or sticks that'll catch flame

Gather wood logs to keep the fire going (The drier the better!)

Making a tepee

1.) Gather tinder into 4 inch ball in middle of firewood

2.) Stack kindling in a cone around the kindling

3.) Lean logs on kindling

4.) Light tinder ball

Making a log cabin (fire)

1.) Start with a small tepee (see above)

2.) Stack logs a foot or less apart from tepee in alternating pattern around tepee in a square

3.) Light kindling in the middle

Creating a spark!

1.) Hold a magnifying or binocular lens 1 ft. away from tinder

2.) Angle the lens so the sun "concentrates" one specific spot

3.) This should begin to smolder quickly

4.) Blow on tinder to ignite