Awkward Turtle-rs unite!

a confessions and help page for the proud awkwards

Awkward turtles? What is this???

Awkward turtle: a funny and popular lingo used to describe someone who is well, awkward.

This page is created for teenagers who have problems with their appearances and are considering or have gone for plastic surgery.....

We believe in empowering youths with the wisdom in making the right choice as to whether plastic surgery is for them as well as boosting their confidence in social situations. No youth should ever live a day feeling like crap because of their looks!

qn: i don't like mysmall eyes with eyelids and it's making me feel inferior so I'm considering plastic surgery. How do i know if i should go?


1) As much as looks are important, you should not place your value in them. Single eyelids look fine and it's okay to have small eyes......

2) A good alternative for you would be double-eyelid sticker and contact lens. However, do be careful to select a good quality sticker and lens

Qn: how do i persuade my parents to allow me to go for plastic surgery for my nose? I feel so horrible about my asian nose it's so flat and it makes me feel so awful next to my pretty friends:( - 15 year old girl

Dear girl,

i know beauty is important to every girl......

Dr lee, aesthetic clinic director