Instructional Technology Smackdown

TR Elementary 1/19/15

Thank You for Attending!!

I would like to thank all of you that attended the Instructional Technology Smackdown PD on 1/19/2015. I updated the shared Smackdown Google Doc with more information, and feel free to add to the document!

Google Tech Smackdown Doc

Thank you, again for attending!

Logos Used in This Newsletter

I wanted to clarify when it is OK to use logos possibly in classroom newsletters. See description below on Fair Use:

Fair Use

The fair use or nominative use of a logo is recognized for purposes of description and identification. A newspaper, for instance, can incorporate a corporate logo in an article about a company’s annual report. Trademark allows an author of a nonfiction work to use a trademarked logo only to describe or identify the product or service of the company it represents. It might not be considered fair use, for instance, for a book on the general condition of the auto industry to incorporate only the logo of Ford Motor Co., on its cover. An article on the release of a new product using the logo of a competitor is even more likely to be found an infringement of trademark. Actual findings of infringement are left to the courts.