"and in the meantime don't jump to conclusions."

Plot Summary

Roy Eberhardt is used to being the new kid. He moved to Florida which seemed to be filled with bullies. At Trace Middle School Roy seemed to be Dana Matherson's target for bulling. If it was for Dana, Roy may have never seen the strange boy running. He had no book bag, a Miami Heat basketball jersey, and no shoes. The seemed to be running to the bus stop but once he reached it he kept running. It became Roy's goal to see what the boy was up to.

Character Analysis

Roy Eberhardt is devastated moving away from Montana. He moves to Florida. Roy seems to be the school bully Dana Matherson's target for bulling. Roy is about 12 years old and likes to stay out of trouble. He doesn't make friends well and prefers reading comic books on the bus instead of talking. Roy has about one friend, Garret. Life in Florida starts looking up after he sees this boy running.

What I like about this book

This book is very cliff hanging. I like how it always keeps you guessing whats going to happen next. I recommend this book for anyone who likes books that switch from plot to plot.

Author Biography

Carl Hiaasen is a journalist, columnist, and novelist. He was raised in Florida. In the early 1980's he began to write novels with one of his close friends William D. Montalbano. Carl Wrote "Hoot" in 2002. It was awarded Newbery Honor. Carl is still continuing to write today.