America is a Nation of Immigrants.

BY: Chavis Tomlinson

Immigrants just want to work and live just like the rest of us.

In 2008, there were 8 million undocumented immigrants in the labor force in the u.s. The united states just passed a law allowing undocumented immigrants to sign up for a driver license.

Immigration reform

Saturday, Dec. 13th, 9:15am-10pm

New Haven Green

Come out and support the rallying for immigration changes and chances for them in america.


Of new u.s residents, 14% came from Mexico, 8% came from China, and 6.4% came from India.

Come rally!

Lets all of us american show that we support the immigrants coming to america and how are family's got affected by the immigration policy.
Come follow the movement!

Login on to your twitter and follow and see tweets from us on updates on the immigration changes that has been happening.

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Come join us.

Wednesday, Dec. 3rd, 6:15-9pm

Chapel St

New Haven, CT

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