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August 8th, 2022

Inspire, Engage, Empower!

Vision: East Noble School Corporation students will be inspired to become life-long learners, engaged by a rigorous, relevant, and innovative curriculum, and empowered through collaboration and inclusion to become valuable, contributing members of a global society.

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East Noble District News

eLearning/Virtual Learning Update

Dear Parent or Guardian,

As we all begin making plans to return to school, I want to bring your attention to changes in eLearning for the 2022-23 school year. The recently passed HB 1093 is requiring all schools to provide LIVE instruction on cancellation days. We will now have two different types of instruction on inclement weather days, eLearning, and Virtual Learning.


eLearning: Lessons are posted, and teachers are available for questions via email during typical school day hours. All eLearning lessons will be recorded and posted to Seesaw or Canvas. Recording will be posted for one week following the eLearning day. Students have three days to turn in assignments, with the day that eLearning is conducted as Day 0.

Virtual Learning: Lessons are delivered LIVE by the teacher at a designated scheduled time (see the following schedules); teachers will be available during the live lesson or via email for questions during typical school day hours. All virtual lessons will be recorded and posted to Seesaw or Canvas. Recordings will be posted for one week following the Virtual Learning day. Students have three days to turn in assignments, with the day that Virtual Learning is conducted as Day 0.

During Virtual Learning days we are asking that all students attend class during the designated time listed on the schedule. Lessons will be posted to Seesaw or Canvas shortly after the live lessons. Students are asked to have their camera turned on and appropriately clothed. This means not wearing pajamas or clothing that would not be allowed when attending a traditional school day. This is considered a school day and we ask students to follow the same guidelines as if attending any East Noble school.

If East Noble were to have a cancellation within the first two weeks of school, we would designate it as an eLearning day. All other cancellation days throughout the year will be considered Virtual Learning unless otherwise indicated. Unfortunately, when posting this on news media outlets we have no other option but to choose “eLearning”. Please check your East Noble email, School Messenger, and social media posts to follow guidance for eLearning or Virtual Learning days.

Please refer to the following schedules for Virtual Learning. School leaders will be providing more information as we move forward. Thank you for choosing East Noble!

Teresa Gremaux


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New Finger Scanning System

We are excited to be implementing a finger scan program at all elementaries and middle school this year. We have been utilizing the finger scan program at the high school for over a year and has been very successful in getting our students through the lunch line, allowing more time to enjoy their lunch. We will be registering students at all schools during open house.

The finger scan program takes a scan of a student’s finger. It is converted into a bar code,

unique to that student and is attached to their Meal Majic account. When the student

comes to the lunch line, he or she simply places their finger on the scanner to be recognized

and the account is charged for that meal. It saves time looking a student up and ensures each account is being properly charged. Scanners are cleaned between each class with an alcohol wipe. Once a student has been registered, the scan will follow them through school. It is not mandatory that a student registers as they can still be found in Meal Majic with their student ID or by looking them up by name.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. Is my students fingerprint stored?

No, there is only a scan of the finger and is converted into a bar code

2. What is done with my students fingerprint after the finger is scanned?

There is no fingerprint. The scan converts into a bar code at that time

3. Is the finger scan program safe?

Yes, when a student is registered with their scan, it is converted into a

Bar code. There is no fingerprint ever stored. All health and safety

Precautions are taken. Each scanner is sanitized after each class with

And alcohol wipe to ensure a clean scan.

Roger Urick

Food Service Director

EBT Cards

Dear Parent or Guardian,

The Family and Social Services Administration (FSSA) distributed summer 2022 Pandemic EBT (P-EBT) benefits on Monday, July 18. As FSSA continues to work through the extremely high volume of requests for replacement cards, please note the following.

  1. The Division of Family Resources has received tens of thousands of requests for P-EBT replacement cards.
  2. Benefits were applied to cards issued January 2021 or later. If you have multiple cards, please call the phone number on the back of the card to check the balance on each card before submitting a request for a replacement.
  3. Only one card per student can be active at a time. If a request is entered that a card be replaced, the previously sent card is inactivated and can no longer be used.
  4. The process for assigning new cards requires FSSA staff to manually review each request for a replacement card. There will be a delay between when the request is submitted online and when the request is reviewed by a staff member.
  5. Cards are not stored in or mailed from FSSA offices. Cards are mailed from a secure card facility in the same way a replacement debit or credit card is sent. There is a delay between when the replacement request is reviewed by FSSA staff and when the card is mailed from the secure card facility.
  6. It is likely that card replacements will take up to 6 weeks or longer. Submitting multiple requests significantly slows the process of completing replacement requests.

You can find general information about P-EBT on the FSSA P-EBT website: https://www.in.gov/fssa/dfr/dfr-policy-changes-and-actions/pandemic-ebt/

Your patience and cooperation is appreciated!

Roger Urick

Food Service Director

Late Start Mondays

Don't forget that every Monday is a Late Start Monday. This delay allows for teacher trainings and prep time. School will begin on a 45 minute delay. Please make sure arrangements are made to accomidate this delay.

East Noble Schools in Action

Back to School Staff Assembly

On Thursday, August 4th all ENSC staff members attended our annual back to school staff assembly. They listened to some encouraging words from our Teacher of the Year, Chris Mettert about the power of being a teacher. Superintendent, Teresa Gremaux also was able to pep up the crowd by encouraging them to keep the focus. She inspired them to focus on what is important and let go of any distractions. The staff then continued their day with in house training at their individual schools to ensure they are prepped and ready for the first day on August 10th.

Annual Teacher Trainings

Many people aren't aware that training for teachers doesn't end after they recieve their degree. In order to keep their license active they must attend several yearly trainings and undergo year round professional development workshops. Over the last few weeks several schools have conducted these trainings to help assist our teachers in providing the best possible education for our students.

Back to School Night

Thursday, August 4th was Back to School Night! We were all so excited to have our students and families back in our buildings. Our maintenance and custodial staff have worked so hard over the summer sanitizing, updating, and detailing all of our schools in preperation for the upcoming school year. If you missed back to school night or were unable to attend please contact your child's teacher or administration to see if their was any important information you need before the first day of school on August 10th.

Noble County News

Kid City 2022

Severak East Noble organizations had booths this past weekend at Kid City. There were so many families in attendance and they loved stopping by all the fun booths. They got to tour a school bus with East Noble Transportation, fly a drone with East Noble Community Outreach, and paint a picture with squirt guns with South Side Elementary. A huge thank you to all who came out to support the event and those who made it possible.

Important Dates

August 10:

First Student Day

School Board Meeting @ 6:00

August 17:

Wayne Center PAC Meeting @ 6

August 24:

North Side PTO Meeting @ 5:30

School Board Meeting @ 6:00

September 5:

Labor Day, no school

September 7:

School Board Meeting @ 6:00

September 21:

School Board Meeting (Budget Hearing) @ 6:00

September 30:

Staff Professional Development, NO eLearning or student attendance