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September 18-22

September 21

sub folders due

September 22

September 23

  • 3:45 Work with grade level/ departmentalized teams to create your team goal for TTESS/ LEADS

September 24

September 25

  • TTESS/ LEADS Part 1 due into Talent Ed, Flipgrid videos due
  • Alternate Appraisal goal document due emailed to your appraiser

Clear Connections

This is A week for block (T/W/Th synchronous portions)

Virtual Character Cruise

Its a Virtual Character Cruise! Share with students throughout the next week. :)

Don't forget to take care of you! Complete this 30 challenge- turn it into Talley's box when complete for a treat!

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Handy Documents to have

Morning Announcements

Click on the link to access daily morning announcements.


Thank you for your flexibility and patience as we have been working through arrival and dismissal procedures.

We are now able to define a bit more who we need in exactly which locations each day. Please click on the link below or review the pictures with roles defined.

A few reminders as we move forward:

Arrival- If you have morning duty please be at your post at 7:45 ready to begin as students are entering the building and need to be supervised. Paras, you might need to clock in at 7:42 and then leave at 3:42 so that you can be at your spot on time. Thank you!


**Students are not staged in the pods at this time. Students should stay in their rooms until they are dismissed to exit the building.

3rd/4th/5th Bus- Please make sure we are reviewing expectations with students- walking in a line single file down the hallway. As 3rd-5th graders are dismissed a teacher should be posted in the main hallway by each grade level to make sure students are moving to their locations safely.

Car riders- Thank you for helping speed up the car rider line! We have shaved about 20 minutes off dismissal so far! Please continue to review expectations with students and make sure they are watching for their name to be dismissed.

Walkers- 1st 9 Weeks 5th grade is escorting walkers to the crosswalk. Please review expectations with students to ensure they are remaining safe and on the sidewalk as they leave the building and walk down the sidewalk.

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Live links below to upload documents

Homeroom teachers, upload your pledge videos here

Upload using naming convention "Lastname_pledge" ex. Hirsch_US or Hirsch_TX

Upload classroom seating charts here

Seating chart should be kept for each group of students and uploaded (can be a hand drawn picture) each time the seating chart changes. Please use naming convention: Teacher_Homeroom teacher_ today’s date. Include student first and last name.

Don't forget to complete your mandatory trainings!

  • The CCISD Behavior Support Course in itslearning. You will be receiving PL credit upon completion. If you start this week, you will have plenty of time to complete it with doing small chunks each week.

The CCISD Trauma Sensitive Course in itslearning should be completed by October 8

Don't forget about your mandatory district HR training due Sept. 30!

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There is much to do (there always is!). We are encouraging YOU (and ourselves too) to go slow to go fast. We won't make up the last 6 months in the next month. It is going to take an extended time. Focus on the relationships. Build in your instruction--- When having curriculum conversations with your team, identify the most important pieces of curriculum and do them well. We can do hard things!

This is a friendly reminder that all staff should be on campus and in duty spot or ready to accept kids in the classroom by 7:45 a.m.!

TTESS/ LEADS/ Alternate Appraisal BOY Goal Setting

Please read the documents below regarding TTESS/ LEADS Beginning of the Year Goal Setting. You will have time Wednesday afternoon during collaboration to work with your team on identifying a team goal (could be a separate goal for ELAR and then one for Math/Science side).

All components due by 9/28.

Curriculum Corner

Math Updates- Christin

Message from Rachel:

Next week I will begin offering my first round of virtual office hours after school from 3:30-4:30 to especially support Kinder, 1st, and 2nd math teachers.

I will be in the CCISD Elementary Math Group in the 1st grade on Tuesday, Kinder on Wednesday, and 2nd grade on Thursday

Although my primary support on those days will be the grade level noted, other grade levels could find me there if they have questions that need my support.

The link below can be used to pre-register questions that I can come prepared to support.

Questions from K-2 math teachers

1st grade Math teachers - September 22

Kinder Math teachers – September 23

2nd grade Math teachers – September 24

I will be offering similar sessions in the weeks to come for 3rd-5th and continue this process throughout the fall.

Happy to support those that have math concerns, questions, needs, and comments,


ELAR Updates

instructional Tech Tips

Here is some information about Seesaw!

  • I have imported TEKS as Skills in Seesaw so that you can link your assignments to TEKS. You should be able to click the skills symbol in your assignments and tag a TEK for easier organizing!

  • If you have courses, you can rename them to make the name more ‘friendly’ such as Mrs. Stevenson’s 20-21 Class. The instructional coaches have an admin view and can help you if needed, but renaming the courses would help us.

  • If you have old classes, please archive those as well. If you only want to have one course for the year, you can archive your other courses that were created for you.

  • Make sure in the class settings you have the students set to only view their own work.

  • Add a co teacher to your Seesaw if you are departmentalized! (or have an inclusion teacher who works in your classroom!)

  • Use the Activities library to search for activities being created by teachers in our district, or create your own!

  • If you use an Activity, you can get a ‘student link’ and hyperlink it directly in your itslearning page!

  • This is a great way to keep student work organized and not just in the Class Journal!

(Example below is from itslearning content block linking the activity from Seesaw)

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Just a reminder- clinic procedures

Hi all,

A few reminders as we are working through our new clinic procedures.

  1. For any student who goes to the clinic and is then sent home. Allison has always been wonderful about communicating information that we need to know back to us. IF there is a COVID related need/ concern/ situation that you need to address further, she will email/ call/ stop by to talk with you. Allison is trying to juggle all the clinic tasks throughout the day and isn’t able to take care of students in her clinic if we are calling /texting/ emailing to ask why kids are leaving and if we need to starting doing other things. She (and we) also have to follow HIPPA law. She will share information as we need to know it. Remember, we are still sending kiddos home for other reasons too. 😊
  2. If you have a student who is absent two days in row, please reach out to the family to check in and see if the student is alright. If they share information that Allison needs to know, email that to her. The teacher should be the first contact to parents if a student is absent.
  3. For students that Allison sends home/ receives information that they need to quarantine/ see a doctor/ a suspected COVID case in the family- Once Allison sends you the students name, please email the parent(s) regarding the student completing asynchronous work on your Its Learning course until they return.
  4. Please make sure you are calling before sending students to the nurse with a nurse slip. Allison has to make sure that the clinic is clear and students can enter.
  5. For ANY student going to the nurse (ones you have called down for, for scheduled meds, etc.) please talk and teach them to stop, knock and wait at the door to be waved in (visual below). This will help keep everyone safe!
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