By: Meghan Nowels


Muckrakers were reform- minded journalists. Who made it their mission to expose the social ills, corporate and political corruption. The type of Injustices they exposed made the average Americans blood run cold.


Some famous Muckrakers were Jacob Riis who wrote "How the other Half Lives." He exposed child labor, working conditions and pictured tenements in hope of creating a Social Reform.

Some other famous Muckrakers were Lincoln Steffens who exposed how city officials were working with Big Bushiness to maintain power. Ida Tarbell exposed the secrets and history of the Standard Oil Company. John Spargo unearthed the terrors of Child Labor.

One of the most important Muckrakers was Upton Sinclair. He wrote "The Jungle" which Illustrated the horrible effects of capitalism on workers in the Chicago meatpacking industry. His detailed account showed workers sacrificing their fingers and nails by working with acid, losing limbs, catching diseases, and toiling long hours in cold, cramped conditions. He hoped many reforms would follow after his account.


The Muckrakers are important to American History because they were very influential in the reform movements. They were able to change many people minds in their bone chilling articles and pictures. Some were able to take down Big Business and get laws passed that are still in effect today.