Rules in 4.3

"You Rock, you RULE!"

Dear Parents,

Hope you’ve had a great week. In PreK 4.3 we have used this week to create and reinforce the rules that we will have in our classroom. This is an essential part of our curriculum, which is the reason we deliver it at the beginning of the year. Setting rules and clear instruction serves as a platform for the rest of the year and their lives! We want to share them with you so that together we can attain a proper classroom organization and use our time successfully.

Warm wishes,

Ms. Karina, Ms. Nicole and Ms. Lea

Bee Responsible, Bee Respectful, Bee Safe, Bee Kind

Our four bees! (I see what you did there...)

What we want to accomplish is to establish a mutual set of rules for all ISP, in this way our students will have a clear understanding of what they are expected to do. Also! The four bees, by nature denote a positive language; instead of telling a child “Don’t push” you say “remember to be safe”.

I encourage you to try them!

Lights, Camera, Action!

On Wednesday morning all P.K4 classrooms went to the playground for a special role-play done by the teachers. We acted out different scenarios of unsafe, and safe play to teach our students about the playground rules.

We want our children to understand why we have certain rules and how this contributes to the safety and fun play during our recess.

What is something kind we can tell to someone that is sad? (like Chester)

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Graphing our interests

As we introduce our "All about me" unit, we have been asking the children about their interests. So far, we noticed the different hair colors we have, our favorite food and favorite color. We shared what we like in the rug area and graphed our answers with some blocks! In this way, the abstract information becomes a math learning experience, and they are able to see exactly how many people had brown hair, like red etc...
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We also played a graphing game related to the book we read "The Kissing Hand"

Sleep Zzzzz...

Writing our names

Every morning, as soon as the children arrive to ISP they write their names for us to notice that they have arrived. This is a practical way to encourage them to write, and they help us with "attendance". This system will serve as an aid to monitor their writing throughout the year.

Building Names

One of our games for this week was to organize names! The children received a little plastic bag with the letters of their name inside of it, they also had a visual aid (a card with their name) to use as guidance. Once they were able to organize the letters, I took the visual aid away and told them to try to do so without the name card. Then, they tried to do the same with their friend's name.

Helping Hands

One of our classroom rules (and Ms. Lea's favorite) is our "helping hands" rule. This rule encourages children to use their hands for good actions, as for helping others. We had a whole class discussion about what we can do with our hands; this was to reinforce the fact that we should not use our hands to hit or push others.

Yoga in 4.3!

Me in a BAG!

Victor shared with us his Panamanian dance moves that he learned in "Pitico" and we had a blast!

We learned that Isabel loves to draw and color, also enjoys to dance and using stickers. She brought a beautiful sandal and some nice toys, one of them was Popa the pig. Since everyone but Ms. Lea knew Popa the pig, we watched a video at the end of the day.

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Books of the Week

- September Homework -

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