Build Up or Break Down?

Constructive and Destructive Processes


Constructive Powers

Constructive Powers basicly means that cerian forces are to help create the earth.  During the constructive process you should help the world and build up its surface too. The natural sources also aid the idea. The sources like volcanoes, deposition, and earthquakes construct the earths crust in many ways.  

Destructive Forces

The destructive forces pretty much means that the earth as we know it will come to an end because of the following: volcanoes, earthquakes, and erosion. I say that because these structures can destroy the world if we do not do something about it. Yeah thats right, we must create a device that helps us plan for whats ahead like building a shelter so these destructive forces can not kill anyone or any pet/animal. 

About Ethan

I am a 5th grade student at Memorial Drive Elementary. I am good at math and reading. Sience is my favorite subject. When i grow up i would like to be a(n) around the world scientist.