The Hobbit

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The Hobbit Written by: J.R.R Tolkien


Bilbo Baggins lived a pretty good life Bilbo is a Hobbit a race of small humans that don't where shoes because they have soles on there feet and the have a big stomach . But one day a wizard named Gandalf , who should up at Bilbo door one day and ask Bilbo to set of on an adventure with thirteen militant dwarves. The quest was to help the dwarves get there treasure . later they set off but incounter 3 trolls after they escape the trolls they find shelter at Misty Mountains they start to wonder and Bilbo falls and gets traped and he finds a ring then Gollum comes and tells Bilbo all about him and how he can escape by answering ridals when Bilbo answers all correctly Gollum get upset and Bilbo escapes they escape the mountain and a pack of wolves and Beorn saves them and they go Thorin place and thank Beorn. And then after Gandalf and the dwaves went to go fight the 5 armies and Gandalf told Bilbo not to come but he came any why and the fight began Thorin DIed and Ganalf was pleased to see Bilbo alive and Gandalf ,Bilbo road back to his home and when bilbo arrived at home he could still hear the Elfs singing from the trees and when Bilbo arrived at his home he fell right asleep


  1. Not All That Wander Are Lost

Theme-is that anyone can go on adventure

Call to Adventure - Is when Bilbo's parents were in the Took-clan and they are Hobbits that like Adventure

Meeting with Mentor-is when Gandalf and the Dwaves showed up at Bilbo's house

Refusal of the call- when Bilbo does not think its a good idea for him to go on the adventure

Cross the Threshold-when he is trapped and he can only help him self

Test,Allies,Enemies -when he gets trapped with Gollum is his test and he get an ally named Beorn and enemy is Gollum

The Approach- they approached alot of battles with Gollum Wolves Spiders and Goblins

Ordeal- is the battle of the 5 armys and Gandalf thought it was to dangers for Bilbo

Reward- that he saved the world from the and saved his home from the 5 armies

The Road Back-Gandalf and BIllbo road off with Beorn and road back they pasted the Misty Mountians and road back to BIlbos home

Resurration-After the battle Bilbo was not scaried of an adventure

Return with the Elixir- Bilbo back at is home it was evening when they got to his home he fell asleep once he got into his house