Victor Yakimov

Senior at Jackson County Comprehensive High School

About Me

Hello! My name is Victor and I am a senior at JCCHS. This is my first year at GAVS, Due mainly to the fact that this is the first time my school is offering it to me.My favorite subject in school in school is language arts because i love to read, but don't worry, science comes in as a close second. I hope to become either a firefighter, or a custom car mechanic. One of the main reasons I'm taking this course is so that i will be able to graduate early. My favorite movies would be the transporter series and my favorite show is called Siberia. The two things that mainly take up most of my time are books and music. I think i have checked out more books than anyone else in the library. The best book I have read so far is lockdown. My music consists mostly of techno, dub-step, indie and Russian. (my parents are from Russia) I have no clue what college i will be attending, but most likely it will be a technical college in my region. I expect to gain knowledge and get college credits for this class.