The Dead Sea

edited by Samuel Hagay

The Dead Sea

The dead sea is the lowest place in the world.

The facts about the dead sea are:

1. The concentration of salt is 33.7% of the sea.

2. The dead sea is the second body of water in his saltinees of the world.

3. The dead sea is considered the conection point between the desert to the Middle East.

4. 50% of the economy in the area of the dead sea is agriculture.

5.In the spring and in the fall the birds are wandering above the dead sea.

why did you choose to write about the dead sea?

I chose to write about the dead sea becuase, that sea is in Israel the country that i live in there.

And its one of the beautiful and famoues places

in Israel and in the world.

And in the final, me and my family

love to visit there.

what did you learn? what did you like the most about this project?

I learned a lot of facts and thins that i didnt really know about

the dead sea.

The most thing that i liked in this project,

is to edit and learn things that i didnt know.