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Spritual Festival Exposition Of Arts

One of the greatest challenges of our age is to bridge the compartmentalized departments of the modern university, engaging in an interactive dialogue between all of the sciences, humanities and religious disciplines.

As we keep on moving ahead we started facing the lack of harmony between different disciplines of science, humanities and of religions. This was the time when we came across the SUFI spirit as the Sufi message does not give a new law; it awakens in humanity the spirit of brotherhood, with tolerance on the part of each for the religion of the other, with forgiveness from each for the faculty of the other.

It teaches thoughtfulness and consideration, so as to create and maintain harmony in life; it teaches services and usefulness, which alone can make life in the world fruitful, and in this lies the satisfaction of every soul.

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So we came to conclusion that to spread the message of Harmony, Love and Beauty; Sufi thoughts could be fruitful for our efforts. While there are many Sufi festivals held through out Pakistan on the shrines of these Sufi’s but still there is no major SUFI.

Festival on the national level and if compared with what these domestic festivals offer to public to the possible potential and results which can be attained through an organized and well planned national level festival, the difference can be awesome.

A well organized and planned festival on national level can create a huge opportunity for rich folk traditions of Pakistan and can attract people from around the provinces, and the world. There is a potentially healthy tourism industry specializing in festival tours which is just waiting for a real Pakistani experience to include on their itineraries.

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