Propaganda in Nazi Germany


Hitler's Reigh Through Clever Propaganda

Anti-Semitism Propaganda

The above pictures are examples of just a few Anti-Semitism posters that the Nazis would post in high traffic areas in Germany. The Nazis also spread propaganda by dropping leaflets from airplanes into high populated cities. It was these types of posters that helped to spark hatred for the Jewish people. This spark of hatred is what lead to the genocide of millions of Jewish people. These posters are from the time period leading up to the Holocaust and through it. This time period was from 1933 to 1945. The Nazis used propaganda like this to change the publics view on the Jewish community. They wanted to change the public's views because Hitler needed the public's backing to build such a powerful empire. These posters and other propaganda like this helped the Nazis build a strong empire by brainwashing the public into believing that the Jewish community is the evil that would lead to Germany's downfall. All the Anti-Jewish propaganda which ranged from posters to recruitment signs, helped to raise Germany's army by convincing all the young males to fight for Hitler's ultimate goal, the genocide of all Jewish people.