The Penguins Are Waiting

Visit one of the world's dry, cold desert!

What is a dry cold desert, you may ask?

The average temperature in the Ice Caps at this time of the year is -38. It will be mostly dry with a very small chance of snow. This is because antarctica is a cold and dry desert.


You will need many layers in order to stay warm in Ice Caps. You will need an outer layer (a tough waterproof and breathable barrier). Next you will want a mid insulation barrier (lightweight and traps body heat). Then you want a base core layer (fibers that insulate and wick moisture). Finally you will need accessories (under armour, gloves, hat, goggles, thick, wool socks, etc). Many of these clothes will have to be brought specially from stores, but things like high quality gloves could be borrowed from fathers who have gone skiing before.

Guaranteed to be a great learning experience for the whole family!


Today you board your chartered flight to Antarctica. The journey over the Drake Passage will take you less than four hours. Your first glimpse of Antarctica comes into view shortly before the aircraft descends towards King George Island. Then you will rent a car for $35.42 per day. The car will be a subaru with four wheel drive.

We are The Antarctica Expedition. Join us!

There is no official dollar, but where we are staying we will be using the American dollar (one of the forms accepted). We will be camping at the south tip of ross island. The nearest hospital is the Mcmurdo General Hospital. We will still need to bring a first aid kit. Before we leave we will need to get the measles vaccine (about 3 weeks prior to departure).

It will be peaceful and enlightening!