Things to Remember when Forgetting

Get It? No? Ok. By: Danny Duong, Ty Smith

Why Did We choose this topic?

We chose this topic because we wanted to learn about the reason why do we forget and why can't we just remember everything, this stood out to us more than the other topics did. By researching the reasons on why do we forget, we can share it to others on why we cannot remember everything and what causes us to forget.
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What is Forgetting in the First Place?

Forgetting is when we do not recall information that has happened to you. For example, say you went to the park and you were walking your dog then the next day when you try to remember what you did yesterday you do not recall any memory of anything that happened that day. This is what forgetting is.

What is Going on in the Brain when we Forget?

A part of the brain that is used more than the others that involves memory is the hippocampus and it is also the part of the brain that fails when we forget. When the hippocampus is failing these effects happen:

Anterograde amnesia

A loss of ability to remember

Vertigo or dizziness

Motion Sickness

Theories on Why We Forget:

Decay- Decaying is a type of forgetting when your memories start to fade away over time

Proactive Interference- Proactive Interference is a type of forgetting where earlier memories block a new one

Retroactive Interference- Retroactive Interference is a type of forgetting where a new memory blocks a old one.

Repression- Repression is a type of forgetting where a person forces to forget an unpleasant experience. Usually used as a defense mechanism

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What Research Backs Up our Information?

A scientists from Johns Hopkins used MRI’s to find the underpinnings of forgetfulness that happens as we grow older. This research was used to help find treatments for Alzheimer's disease. According to the research, forgetfulness is not just a memory overload but a result of deterioration of an area of the brain that stores memories, known as the hippocampus. Michael Yassa, assistant professor of psychological and brain sciences in Johns Hopkins' Krieger School of Arts and Sciences says, "As we get older, we are much more susceptible to 'interference' from older memories than we are when we are younger."
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Interesting Facts!!!!!

1) Some research has shown that when we forget, our brains use a lot of brain power so it is not a bad thing that we forget a few things because we can use that brain power to do other tasks.

2) You tend to remember things more if you read it then if you listen to it like a book.

3) Struggling to remember something is a good thing because you learn more from trying to remember something than when it instantly pops in your head.

Still Having Trouble Remembering about what is Forgetting?