Flora & Ulysses

An amazing story


There was a squirrel named Ulysses and he had slept on the pillow of a girl named flora.And he went down stairs and he saw a typewriter and he tried to write his name on the typewriter and instead he wrote Squirtel! In the morning her mom saw it and she said flora Belle get down here and flora said don't call me Flora Belle she said and then she went down the stairs and she saw the word Squirtel and Flora said that wasn't me.

Sunny - Side Up!

Flora and her dad Mr.Buckman went to the do-nut shop; And flora and her dad were ordering coffee and donuts and the waiter named Rita saw something in the box that flora was holding. Then Rita asked if it was a doll and flora said no it is not a doll, And then Rita saw a squirrel,and her and Ulysses screamed together and then Ulysses jumped on Rita and landed in her hair.
Flora & Ulysses: The Illuminated Adventures - Book Trailer
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