Oregon Trail Journal


Today I told my family of my plans to travel to the west. I must say, I was very much surprised of my children's reaction. All of my kin, except for Calypso, were very much pleased with the idea. I told them that we will embark on our journey in 5 days time. I hope to the lord that I have thought of all the supplies we might need and that the weather will be profitable. My Jack and I have packed all of our belongings into our wagon and will be ready to leave on schedule.
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Day 1 Morning

As far as I can tell, the road will not be too terrible for a long ways. Elizabeth is concerned about the trail, I tell her not to worry, but a lass she is fearful for the safety of Bill and Robin. I do not blame her, she means well and i suppose if she spends so much time protecting them, we may get through this. We came across a small river in the morning of today. The river was seemed quite tame, but for fear of the children, Elizabeth had me pay a ferryman 25$ to take us across. Everyone who crossed the river on their own turned out just fine.

Day 1 Afternoon

Later in the day, the men decided to go hunting in order to be prepared, food wise, for the road ahead. My son dropped and broke one of the rifles, this is why I brought two, just to be safe. The other men of the wagon train had better luck. Selim even shot 30 pounds of buffalo. After we finished hunting, we came back to the train to find an old Indian man. He threatened to not let us pass unless we could beat him in a game of his choosing, or we pay him with supplies. Everyone wagered on the game and our train came in 3rd place. For this the man let us pass without trouble.

Day 2 Morning

The road is getting more dangerous by the minute. The road is still not very treacherous, but we encountered many more problems today. We came across another river, this one was much more dangerous. This time it was my own choice to pay a ferryman, he charged 45$. The ones who crossed the river lost some of their supplies. I am glad that
I made the right choice.

Day 2 Afternoon

Later in the day, the train was spooked by some rattlesnakes. The horses of laurens wagon caused her young son to fall off the back and break his leg. He will be most likely be fine but he will be unable to walk for many months. An Indian man made us pay him with our boxes of ammunition, So I will have to hunt using the traps we brought. One of the other boys missed his target and hit my familys water barrel. This may cause a water problem later in our journey.

Day 3 Morning

Today we have come to a fork in the road. One of the trails is very treacherous, the others are quite tame. The train takes a vote and we vote to take the more dangerous trail. I believe that this may be the wrong choice. I have been told that there are many dangerous indians on the trail, but i cannot stray from the group. We soon have a water crisis and must use our dutch ovens to boil water. This is somewhat ok with the children. The men later decide to hunt. Jack and I catch a total of 30 pounds of buffalo.

Day 3 Afternoon

The group ran into some more problems later in the day. For one thing, Averys wife’s water broke. This endeavor of childbirth took up most of the afternoon. One of the horses was scared by another animal today, which caused Robin to fall off the wagon and hurt herself. She will most likely be completely fine unless her cuts fester. We came across another river, all members of the train crossed for the 50$ fine. After the river the train was ambushed by an indian tribe. Chase and Lauren were shot in the shoulders.
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Day 4 Morning

The train has come to the foothills of the Sierra Nevada mountain range. The group must decide which path to choose. I am worried that the group will choose the faster, more dangerous route.

Since we have chosen the more dangerous route, we must climb the side of a tall, snowy mountain. This will not be easy.

A massive storm has hit the train. After we realized that we wouldn't survive, the others took their chance and started to cannibalize on each other. Chase, Avery and I survived the ordeal. I am worried that they will try to eat me. If they don't , after the storm is done, we will make our way to the fort of ahhhhh.

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