2.7 TASK: Mental/Emotional/Social

Access Information

The Importance of Resources

It's important for teenagers to have resources that they can rely on. If one ever feels helpless or contemplating suicide, it's important for them to have resources to help them. It could be the difference between life and death.

Oregon Youth Line

Oregon Youth Line is a helpline directed to the aid of teenagers. The phone, chat and text services are operated by teenagers. The teenagers are fully trained and supervised if they need assistance. The youthline provides and teen to teen counseling, crisis, and referral services. Teen volunteers operate the phone line from 4-10 pm seven days a week. The other 24/7 coverage is provided by staff adult members. The phone line is 1-877-968-8491, or you may text by texting teen2teen to 839863. Both texting and the call lines are 24/7. You may also chat online, through the youth line's website (link included) by clicking the green button. If you do not need immediate assistance, you can also ask questions through their website. They will anonymously post the answer to their website and email you their response. Youthline is important, because as a teen it is easier to open up to someone your age. Also, it may be easier to talk to a teen because they could've been in your shoes or may relate to what you are going through. Youthline can help with suicide or depression, but can also help with smaller problems like stress, relationships, moving, or divorce.

School Counseling Center @ Grant High School

Along with offering assistance choosing classes, the counselors at Grant High School offer suicide prevention. Throughout the year, Grant student government puts on assemblies that focus on various topics. After heavy topics, like suicide and LGBTQ ideas, the counseling office offers safe rooms where students are able to express their feelings in a safe environment. The school counseling office employs seven full-time counselors. Each counselor is available for walk-ins or appointments throughout the school day. The counseling office at Grant is important because the counselors are an adult that you can trust and confide in. The counselors have extra resources that you might not have thought of, or have access to.


Thomas, Devon S. Personal interview. 18 April 2016.

Devon is a close friend who has been working at the Oregon Youth Line for two years. Although she is very passionate about their work, she proves an unbiased account of the call center's services.

Benny, Cara. Personal interview. 20 April 2016.

Benny is my personal counselor at Grant. This is her first year at Grant. She provides basic information scheduling times. Despite her working at the center, her statements are unbiased and can be backed up by the consulting page on Grant's website.