Griselda Maldonado 7/Ms. Green


The Deserts Food Web

The producer get energy from the sun to make there own food . The consumers get is energy eating the producer from a example, the prickly pear cactus get energy from the sun then the kangaroo rat eat the prickly pear cactus to stay alive there other way the food web way can go there a " secondary consumers ".The secondary consumers eat the smaller consumers like a pray to hunt them down like a snake eat the kangaroo rat to get energy ,the last one is the predators the top of the food that eat the consumer
The deserts is a place of land of sand ,and precipitation occurs and wild life . The lack vegetation exposes the unprotected and the surface to the ground. Many animal live in desert and the hot sun and die in the desert or been eaten by other

How human are impacting the environment

In Egypt time people use to live in the desert and a lot of population of people then they build a big pyramid shape that took long to build and maybe a lot of people die in the