The Lies My Girlfriend Told Me

Book by: Julie Ann Peters ; Presented by: Taylor Bodart


When Alix's girlfriend passes away she hopes to find true love again, but will their past effect there relationship?

1st Person Point Of View

Examples from text: Her Jetta is already parked in the lot when I enter. I park next to her, but she doesn't get out. I open my door and circle her car. She rolls down her window. Another example is: I roll over and the clock comes into focus: 6:08. The alarm is set to go off in seven minutes. Why is she waking me?
The first passage that I am reading helps set up the conflict. Alix's parents just told Alix that Swanee, her girlfriend, has died. My other dialogue helps characterization and shows more of the conflict. Alix makes jewelry and she made Swanee earrings and Swanee gave them away to Liana.